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Tommy Time

Tommy Time
Smartwatch & Tracker

Freedom for kids. Peace of mind for parents.

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Tommy Time

Track your child’s location with Tommy Time

Say hello to Tommy Time

Meet Tommy Time. The world’s cutest smart watch. With built in GPS, activity tracker, and e-paper screen. Teach your child to tell the time. Track their location if you need to.

We created Tommy so kids can enjoy the great outdoors and stay safe too. Keep an eye on them when they pop to the shops. Message them if you’re late for pick up. At the park and they wander off? Tommy to the rescue!

Available in six colours

Track your child’s location

Every Tommy has GPS. So it's easy to check where your child is from a map in the BleepBleeps app. Or set up notifications when your child enters or leaves a pre-set safe zone.

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Simple messaging

Tommy speaks emoji ✊. Communicate with Mum, Dad, and the rest of the family. We ♥️ Tommy!

Teach your kids to tell the time

Because Tommy has an e-paper screen his watch face can adapt, to keep things simple while your child is still learning. Connect Tommy to the BleepBleeps app and free games make learning to tell the time fun, quick and easy.

What's the time? It's Tommy Time!

Stay healthy!

Climb Everest in the park. Jump the Grand Canyon on the way to school. Or just run around more than your friends and family. Tommy Time will keep track of every step. 
Go Tommy!

Kid friendly strap

Tommy’s matching colour strap is made from soft woven nylon, with a strong, no fuss hook-and-loop fastener. Super comfy, easy to use if you’re little, but hard to release by accident. Nylon makes the strap hard wearing and wipeable. Playground tough. Dinner resistant!

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