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Smart Feed Warmer

 Schedule and warm your baby’s feeds

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Hungry Henry

Your baby’s feed…
The right temperature, the right time.
At home, or on the go.

Magic mealtimes.

Henry warms your baby’s feed so it's the right temperature at the right time. Fill him up with water, formula or breast milk. Connect to the BleepBleeps app and schedule your feeds. Henry automatically warms the feed in advance and sends you a notification when it's feeding time.

Keep Henry in the kitchen throughout the day or charge up his battery and warm your feeds when you're out and about. Or sit him on your bedside table for those dreamy nighttime feeds.

The BleepBleeps app helps you plan your daily feed schedule and monitor your baby’s nutrition over time.


Schedule and warm your feeds in advance

Connect Henry to the BleepBleeps app to schedule your baby’s feeds, warm them in advance and track nutrition over time.

Henry can even help if your feed is too hot by notifying you exactly when to remove it and let it cool down in time.

The right temperature, at the right time.

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Warms your baby’s feed in advance

Fill him up

Plug him in on the kitchen worktop

Or charge his
battery and take
him with you

At home or on the go

Great for those
dreamy nighttime feeds

Hungry Henry

Magical mealtimes.
At home or on the go.