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From low sleepers to cabin beds and bunks, there are stacks of options to consider when it comes to choosing a kids bed.

To you, built-in storage is practical and helps keep things organised, but to your small person, it provides secret hidey-holes for treasure. To you, cabin beds are convenient space savers - but to your kids they might offer a chance to claim some private space for themselves. And, well, everyone loves a bunk, right? To you, a bunk makes the most of restricted floor space. To your kids it makes a chill-out den or a magical reading nook they'll want to spend time in. 

With beds as cool as these, they'll be begging you to get in them every night! 

Clockwise from top left:

1. Dwell House Bed by Room To Grow

2. Ellis Toddler Bed by Argos

3. Kimbo Sleep Station by Happy Beds

4. Jenny Lind Bed by Land of Nod

5. Linus High Bed by

6. Pongo Kids Bed by Habitat



Room To Grow


Land of Nod

Happy Beds






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