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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

We're big Toca Boca fans here at BleepBleeps HQ so when we heard about this new collection of desk toys there was a flurry of excitement in the studio! Created in collaboration with toy studio Acne Junior, they make up a fun gang of desk buddies - that function as crayon boxes, pen pots, coin banks and more! You can find out more about this cool collaboration here

Toca Boca and Acne Jr collaboration - desk toy in yellow and green

Toca Boca and Acne Jr collaboration - desk toy in black

Toca Boca and Acne Jr collaboration - desk toy in pink

Lucas Zanotto is a designer, animator and director based in Helsinki. You might know him as creator of kids' app studio YATATOY. We featured the marvellous Loopimal a little while ago (and we can confirm it never gets old!). Today though, we're besotted with Lucas' new personal project, 'Eyes'. Each sculpture has been handmade from odds and sods from his studio - ping pong balls, paper plates, cardboard - and brought to life with some clever kinetic contraptions. So playful, so creative, each 'Eyes' scenario is super-simple, but brimming with emotion (and humour). Take a look below. 

Photograph of eye chart installation by Lucas Zanotto - part of Eyes project

Pink rectangle head with goggly eyes reads magazine by Lucas Zanotto - part of Eyes project

Photo from Lucas Zanotti Eyes project shows purple face with eyes crying

We've been following artist and illustrator Christopher Corr's Instagram updates for a while now and they never fail to add a big burst of colour and joy to even the dullest of days. As it happens, Christopher has also illustrated a number of marvellous eye-popping children's books - our favourite, My Granny Went To Market by Stella Blackstone. We thoroughly recommend giving him a follow! 

Cover illustration of children's book My Granny Went To Market by Christopher Corr

Time Square - Painting by Christopher Corr Big cat painting by Christopher Corr Painting of a man with lemon garland by Christopher Corr 



Toca Boca 

Acne Junior

It's Nice That

Lucas Zanotto

Christopher Corr

Christopher Corr on Instagram


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