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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

When we happened upon Melissa Kaseman's gorgeous photography project, 'Preschool Pocket Treasure' via Sho & Tell, we had to find out more. And once we did - well, we had to share with you!

Noticing her son was quite the treasure hunter, always returning from pre-school with pockets full of bits and bobs, Melissa decided to document the various scraps and trinkets he had deemed, in his own imagination, collectible. Did our hearts just melt a little bit? I believe so. Please do go explore more of the project. You can find it on Melissa's website here

Melissa Kaseman Photographs the Contents of Her Three Year Old Sons Pockets

Melissa Kaseman Photographs the Contents of Her Three Year Old Sons Pockets

Melissa Kaseman Photographs the Contents of Her Three Year Old Sons Pockets

Artist KITRA was brought to our attention by our colourful studio neighbour. This illustration of an imaginary sports field led us to discover their amazing large scale mural work and our minds were blown! The building mural in Sibiu, Romania and the doodly bicycle lane in The Netherlands are super special and right up our BleepBleeps street. We thought you might like them too! 

KITRA Imaginary Sports Fields Colourful Graphic Illustration

KITRA Colourful Mural on Building for Sibiu Street Art Festival

KITRA Painted Bicycle Lane in Breda

When Handmade Charlotte started to day dream about setting up home in a eco-friendly house in the woods, she decided to turn her fantasy into a fun kids DIY project! Using only recycled and scrap materials, she created a series of tutorials to make your own 'off-the-grid' play house and suggests using the crafty activities as a way to teach your family about self sufficient living, sustainability and the crucial roles the sun, wind, water and earth play in our lives. Pretty neat, right? You can find the tutorials on her blog here.  

Materials To Make 'Off The Grid' Dolls House by Handmade Charlotte

A Homemade 'Off The Grid' Dolls House by Handmade Charlotte


Melissa Kaseman

Sho & Tell Blog


KITRA via Instagram

Handmade Charlotte





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