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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

This week we've scouted around to bring you a cool selection of 'back-to-school' stuff for you and your kids. Here are some favourites! 

We're big fans of designer + illustrator Marcus Walters. His kids collection is ace and has become a go-to for birthday presents and colourful additions to our kids' rooms. He's recently launched a new product for kids - the colour-in kit bag! Available in three different designs, the drawstring canvas bags are perfect for lugging gym shoes and lunch boxes around in AND your kids can customise them themselves! Find out more here

 The last time we featured Rose Blake in The Loop, we were going bonkers for her Hockney Activity Book. This time, we're getting excited about 'Going to School' - her latest kids' project. Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 'Going To School' is geared towards kids going to school for the first time and is crammed full of inspiring, positive + encouraging vibes. It's available via Amazon now. 

And look at this! It's a 'Draw It Yourself Calculator'. Designed to look like a ruled notepad, the calculator arrives with a plain lined front, ready for your kids to set about adding their own creative flair!   

Specialising in gender neutral clothing and accessories for families, Shapes of Things, is a design label with a serious love of geometry! We love these super-cool backpacks! See more here

And how could we not mention these notebooks! Designed by Nathalie du Pasquier for Rubberband, they come in tonnes of different designs and add a big dollop of colour to even the dullest of lessons.

 Until next time!  



Marcus Walters

Design Week

Rose Blake


Draw It Yourself Calculator by Mustard

Shapes of Things



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