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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

Meet Kid O Toys. Based in New York, the team at Kid O are dedicating their design talents to making an ever growing series of kids toys that promote creativity and discovery. There are SO many ace things in their range but we particularly loved this Rise & Shine Set. Perfect for ages 3+, the set encourages imitative play and kids get to act out their morning routines and practice their social interactions. It also looks like a bunch of colourful fun! 

This Way, That Way is the latest picture book by artist + illustrator, Antonio Ladrillo.Featuring brightly coloured shapes with smiling expressions, the reader opens, closes, folds and unfolds the pages, to reveal colourful characters that relate to one another in new ways with each flip. We love the bright colours, the clean lines and the specially die cut + pre-folded sections. It's true. This book is infectiously jolly. Find out more about it here

'Sign up to the Astro Cat Space Programme and join Professor Astro Cat on a fact-filled mission to learn about our solar system' says MiniLabs. Well now, MiniLabs, you don't have to ask us twice! Available on iTunes, the Professor Astro Cat app brings together music, animations, learning and play as the games and activities through exploration of five space frontiers. And there are rockets. And jetpacks. You(r kids) will love it. Plus - Professor Astro Cat is illustrated by one of our favourites, Ben Newman!



Kid O Toys

Antonio Ladrillo

Mini Labs Studios

Ben Newman





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