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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

So, Tom and Suzy Snooze have been hobnobbing around New York City this week making new pals and, as luck would have it, their visit coincided with the opening of (BleepBleeps favourite) Lucy Sparrow's latest art installation!

At first, '8 Till Late' appears to be a traditional New York bodega, but a closer look reveals it's stocked entirely with 'produce' hand-stitched from felt! Cleaning products, toiletries, newspapers, gum, soda, fruit + veg, pizza slices and even meat from the deli counter - all fuzzy handcrafted creations! 

We are super-envious Tom got to see the bodega in person but also really chuffed he took about 10,000 photos! Here are just a few... For more visitor snaps, take a look at @sewyoursoul or follow the #8tilllate hashtag on Instagram! 

And sticking with a foodie theme for a minute - how about this? It's only a pair of blinkin' street food playhouses! Once they've mastered the basic domestic stuff in the old school wendy house, set them on the entrepreneurial path with an Ice Cream Van or a Taco Truck! Pretty cool, right? Before you know it, they'll be making their own pocket money... These babies come all the way from Brooklyn and are the handiwork of designer Mans Swanberg of Famous OTO. You can even request personalised number plates! Squeeeee. 

And, last up today, this little gem! Meet Loopimal. Loopimal is a super-cute, insanely addictive music app that lets your kids create musical sequences, build loops and compose their own pieces of music - complete with a chorus of dancing animals! (Warning: Try as you might to resist, you WILL find yourself playing this once the kids are in bed and you WILL struggle to put it down again!). 




Lucy Sparrow

Famous OTO


Loopimal by Yatatoy



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