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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

Creative duo Craig & Karl are at it again! This time they're blowing our BleepBleeps minds with their technicolour transformation of a disused petrol station in London's White City. The building's new look is inspired by the area's history as a broadcasting hub. Covered in pattern and colour inspired by television test screens, the petrol station is now fuelling up for a new life as a pop-up events venue. We cannot WAIT.

The Happy Song, composed by musician Imogen Heap, is the first song written specifically with the goal of making babies happy! By consulting and collaborating with psychologists, thousands of British parents and her own toddler daughter Scout, Imogen researched all the elements - from tempo to timbre - that influence how a baby responds to music. She went on to produce a super-upbeat song, in 4/4 time, in the key of E flat, that includes the kinds of instruments and noises babies respond happily to. Have a listen! Listen out for kisses and sneezes and (of course) the obligatory raspberry! Does The Happy Song make your baby happy? Find out all about the science behind the song here

When designer and art director Gordon Reid was invited by the team at OFFF Barcelona to create a piece of work inspired by his dreams, he collaborated with 3D designer Tamas Arpadi to produce this series of surreal, digitally rendered sculptures (which, obviously, we love!). Not only do we love Gordon's playful and zingy use of shape, colour and pattern, but we love that 'Suzy Snooze' orange background!  

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