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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

Ok, so we didn't make it to Milan Design Week this month, but we were glued to the Instagram feeds of some fancy pals who did. Of all the amazing things that popped up, this one got us shrieking across the BleepBleeps studio the loudest! The 'Giro Giro Tondo: Design For Children' exhibition launched during the festival at the Triennale Design Museum and is billed as a journey through childhood via 20th century Italian design. The exhibition features rooms themed around toys, furniture, books, graphic design and architecture and there's a series of installations dedicated to cheeky childhood character Pinnocchio! As luck would have it, the show runs until February 2018 so if you do happen to be in Milan between now and then, this is surely a must-visit! Read more about the show here or visit the exhibition website here.  

Look. At. This. This is Muro - a super-cool new modular busy board that morphs as your kids develop new interests and likes. It's designed by brothers Tim and Jeremy Bond and is inspired by a DIY homemade version Tim made to keep his young son entertained. See, you attach the busy board to the wall and then you 'plug in' your own personal combination of toys, changing them up whenever you fancy. There are over 30 toys to choose from - from handles, switches, balls and sliders to working cogs, chalkboards, xylophones and play telephones! Toys offer a whole bunch of different sensory experiences for your kids and when they grow out of one thing, you can just swap it out for something new. Truthfully? We'd like a whole bunch just to decorate our office. Is that allowed? Find out more about Muro and about how you can support their Kickstarter campaign here

We're jetting around a bit on The Loop today... Now we're off to Berlin to meet art and illustration duo, Zebu. Zebu create the most colourful and fun screen prints and drawings we ever did see - but we're particularly excited about their outdoor murals. Check these out! You can see more from Zebu on their website or follow @z_e_b_u on Instagram for regular blasts of colour. 





Triennale di Milano

Muro on Kickstarter


Zebu on Instagram








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