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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

First up this week, we're giving a big thumbs up to kids' clothing brand Jake & Maya who launched their first Kickstarter campaign this week. Billed as 'slow fashion for fast growing kids', the Jake & Maya collection is made ethically from sustainable materials with minimal waste and - garment design incorporates 'growing' features that lengthen the usual lifespan of your kids' clothes! The idea is that your kids' clothes last longer, you save time, you save money and you inspire sustainability all at the same time. Nifty, right?  

To learn more and to pledge your support, pop over to the Jake & Maya Kickstarter campaign page here

And we've another story from the world of crowdfunding for you this week. Now, there's no denying that Nimuno's new trimmable, bendable, sticky Lego tape is cool. It handily transforms any surface into a Lego-friendly surface, for goodness sake. Of course we're going to get excited about it launching on IndieGoGo. But - it turns out the whole bloomin' world has gone bonkers for Lego Tape. The creators have already surpassed their crowdfunding goal by a whopping 6947% - with a whole month of fundraising left to go! Click below to see what all the fuss is about. 

And we leave you today with this excellent illustration by Chinese artist, Lisk Feng. Originally from China and a graduate of the China Academy of Art, Lisk now lives in New York where she produces whimsical, playful illustrations for the likes of The New York Times, Wired and Elle. Super-cool!



Jake & Maya on Kickstarter

Jake & Maya

The Daily Dot

Nimuno Lego Tape on IndieGoGo

It's Nice That

Lisk Feng



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