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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

Let's start this week's edition of The Loop with a nice big blast of colour, shall we? In lieu of sunshine, we need all the brightness we can get - and children's illustrator Jana Glatt is on hand to help us out. Originally from Rio de Janeiro but now based in Barcelona, warmth and good vibes just pop out from her glorious illustrations. These cheery little extracts come from a book called Um Abraco Passo a Passo. Now, we don't speak Portuguese, but we *think* this roughly translates as A Step by Step Hug which is just about the sweetest thing ever. The story follows the adventures of a baby learning to walk. You can see more here


Well now, isn't this clever? Danish company Leander have created a range of children's bedroom furniture designed to adapt as your kids grow, lengthening the usual lifespan of the traditional baby crib by years! Made from solid oak and built to last, the idea behind the Linea collection is that it starts out as a crib, adapts to a toddler bed then is easily reconfigured as a child's day bed or as a mini couch for children, teens or even adults. Nifty! 

This handmade paper-craft installation, cheekily called 'Gatos Furiosos' or 'Angry Cats', is designed and made by Estudio Guardabosques aka creative duo Carolina Silvero and Juan Nicolas Elizalda. Based in Buenos Aires, the pair make all sorts of creatures and objects from paper - all with bags of personality and big dose of humour. The dog lover/cat lover divide at BleepBleeps HQ was thrown aside while we chuckled at the giant 'Gatos Furiosos' gleefully making a right mess of an entire paper city! See more from the installation here



It's Nice That

Jana Glatt



This Is Colossal

Estudio Guardabosques





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