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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

Some exciting news from our friends over at Anorak Magazine this week. Yes! Registration for their Little Editors Scheme is now OPEN - so if you have little people living in your house who love to read, write and draw, then this is their chance to contribute to everyone's favourite kid's mag and flex their critical and creative muscles. To get started, first you need to register your Little Editor's details with Anorak. Anorak will send your Little Editor a book. They'll read it, review it and their critique will be published in the magazine. Excellent right? Find out more here.  

Combinations of different materials and textures, brilliantly unusual colour palettes, witty design... We have been coveting these beautiful interiors pieces all week. We've been coveting hard. Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, the creative twosome behind the Muller Van Severen furniture project, are both artists. They work together to create and produce furniture and other objects for the home that walk an interesting line between art and design. Domestic utensils like chopping boards (see below) and pot trivets serve their function well - but when stored, they transform into art! Oh, to fill our houses with the Muller Van Severen collection... See more here

Now, it is no secret that we're a big bunch of over-grown Lego lovers here at BleepBleeps HQ. Our kids love it too, of course, but our collective penchant for a good building brick got a big boost this week when we fell in love with Brikkon.  Are you ready for this? Based in The Netherlands, Brikkon is a design co-op that designs, manufactures and sells a range of excellent plywood accessories that bring new life and new possibilties to Lego bricks. The wooden structures help your kids build brilliant sculptures you'll want to treasure afterwards! 

And, sticking with the Lego theme, this week we leave you with Five Minutes of... Photography courtesy of Michael Kulesza. Read more about his daily photo project on Creative Boom and see more from the series on Michael's website

Until next time! 



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Anorak Magazine


Creative Boom

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