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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

First up this week, Me by Tinybop. We love Tinybop. It's no secret. And we're loving this recent addition to their ever growing catalogue of cool apps for kids. Over time, by responding to a pick of hundreds of questions about their families, friends, school, home, feelings, things they like, things they don't, kids create a dynamic self-portrait using words, photos, GIFs, pictures and recordings. Designed to encourage creative thinking and socio-emotional development, Me helps kids become more self-aware, socially aware and emotionally literate - all while having a bunch of fun. We can't help but think the results would be something pretty special for parents to treasure too!   

Look at this snazzy sneaker! Known for his super-colourful, sometimes abstract reimaginings of iconic silhouettes, London based designer Yoni Alter transformed his art print of the Nike Air Jordan into a fun 3D puzzle. Made from 19 hand crafted resin pieces, it's not only eye popping but mind boggling!

We are so excited to hear that, between 16th December 2016 and 23rd April 2017, The Southbank Centre in London will become home to 'Adventures in Moominland' - the UK's first major exhibition about The Moomins! This is no ordinary museum show - no, no. Expect an interactive, immersive experience that explores the life, work and inspirations of author, Tove Janssen in new ways. 

Illustrations, artworks, 3D models and never-before-exhibited-in-the-UK archive materials will be on display and visitors will enjoy a rare glimpse into Janssen's Helsinki studio, her personal influences and creative life. It sounds GREAT.

Oh - and The Southbank Centre will also host a program of Moomins themed events alongside the exhibition. You can find out more here on The Southbank Centre website.

This week we're leaving you with this. Five Minutes of... art. If you haven't explored Google's "Cultural Institute" yet, it really is quite remarkable. Visit museums and galleries and enjoy some of the worlds most treasured art works - all without leaving your sofa. Take a virtual trip to the Van Gogh Museum, saunter around the Cincinnati Art Museum or take a street art tour of Sao Paulo. You can even take the kids with you - hassle-free! Enjoy... 




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Yoni Alter


The South Bank Centre

Google Arts & Culture

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