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We bring you a regular little round up of cool things we've seen on the internet we think you might like. You know, just to keep you in the loop...

This week, thanks to Instagram, we were introduced to DANIEL EMMA and to a minimalist wonder world of geometric forms, beautiful objects and things that are, well, 'just nice'. Based in Australia, creative duo Daniel To and Emma Aiston design and create all sorts of dreamy work - from large scale installations to desk top accessories. Their mission? To make products that make the everyday enjoyable. Scrolling through their Instagram feed definitely made our day more enjoyable! Take a look. 

This illustration by Jurg Lindenberger made us giggle. 'How To Babies'. If only! Do you recognise Jurg's work? You might have seen it in the pages of family favourite, Anorak Magazine

Digital games loaded on to iPads and portable gadgets are ace fun. But sometimes, just sometimes, nothing beats a board game. Gather your family around a Monopoly board and your nearest and dearest will reveal character traits you never knew they had! To get you in the mood for dusting off some analogue fun, take a trip to 'Game Plan', the latest exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood. You'll learn all about the history of board games, about the potential of games as educational tools and, of course, you'll get to drool over game + packaging design. The exhibition runs until Spring 2017. Plenty time!   


Fireworks Night divides opinion here at BleepBleeps HQ. Some of us can't wait to wrap up warm round a bonfire with sparklers in our hands. Some of us prefer to watch fancy displays from afar and some of us prefer to hide under a blanket with the dog 'til it's all over. Whether your kids enjoy Fireworks Night or would rather stay home, we can't resist sharing this amazing collection of vintage firework packaging compiled by Delicious Industries via The Fireworks Heritage Museum. The colours, the graphics, the typography... POW! Go on, enjoy five minutes of design sparkiness.



Until next time! 



@daniel_emma / Instagram

Daniel Emma 

It's Nice That

Jurg Lindenburger

Studio Anorak

Design Week

V&A Museum of Childhood

Delicious Industries

Firework Heritage Museum







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