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Welcome to the 12th edition of The Loop! Every week we bring you a little round up of cool stuff we've seen on the internet we think you might like. This week, in celebration of the arrival of Suzy Snooze on Kickstarter, we've got a little selection of sleepy goodness for you! 

The coolest thing we've seen on the internet this week is, of course, Suzy Snooze! 

Brought to you by us :) , Suzy Snooze is the ultimate sleep tool for families. Combining the latest in sleep science with smart design-thinking, Suzy evolves with your child through their early years. From baby monitor, to lullaby nightlight, to toddler sleep trainer to wi-fi speaker, Suzy helps your family get a good night’s sleep. She is also as cute as a button and we love her.

Lullatone are a Japanese duo from Japan who love to make things. And they really do - from music and videos to apps, Shawn and Yoshimi are busy bees! We found their site this week and fell in love with it. This is just one of our favourite videos... 

Did you know the colour of your bedroom decor can influence how quickly you fall asleep, how well you sleep and how rested and perky you feel when you wake up? Colour affects us in all kinds of ways. For instance, orange. The warmth of orange creates a stable, reassuring, calming atmosphere. And, although you might not think it at first, orange is a relaxing colour that can encourage you to fall asleep faster! 

Yellow can help calm your nerves, green can be soothing and make you feel upbeat and positive vibes in the morning when you wake up and blue is often seen as a super-chilled out colour that helps you unwind and r-e-l-a-x. 


Have you listened to Sleep by Max Richter yet? We made the error of playing an excerpt of his 8 hour sleep symphony in the studio - and a floaty, sleepy yawn-fest duly ensued. This teaser video explains the concept beautifully. 'An 8 hour place to rest'. Yes please!

We hope you've enjoyed this bedtime edition of The Loop. If you want to know more about Suzy Snooze or if you want to pre-order yours NOW, you can do that! Come over to our Kickstarter campaign page for all the info.



BleepBleeps on Kickstarter




Max Richter






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