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Every week we bring you a little round up of cool stuff we've seen online we think you might like, you know - just to keep you in the loop! This week's selection has a distinctly 'dad' feel about it. We're wishing all our BleepBleeps dads a Happy Fathers Day this weekend. 

First up! An ace book. Published this week by Flying Eye Books, 'My Dad Used To Be So Cool' is the latest kids book by award-winning illustrator Keith Negley. If Keith's 'Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)' is already in your collection then you'll know you're in store for an emotional but uplifting kind of a read. 'My Dad Used To Be So Cool' tells the story of dad's life before and after having kids. His young son thinks his once skateboarding, punk rock dad is the coolest guy ever.  

Maybe the kids have got you one of these for Fathers Day! Made from wood and intended to age with time and TLC, the Toyota Setsuna is a life-sized 'toy' car for grown-ups that bucks super-sleek, high tech vehicle design trends. Built using Japanese joinery techniques, using no nails or screws, the Setsuna is designed to be loved and cared for as a fully fledged member of the family and handed down through generations over time! (You won't be allowed to drive it on the road though - just up and down your driveway!)

Brought to us by fun, upbeat novelty brand DOIY, Planterbots (little robot shaped planters!) are invading homes all over the world from London to Tokyo. The makers tell us we needn't be afraid though because Planterbots bring happy moments and a breath of fresh air. We need an army of these guys on our desks! 

And talking of cool stuff for our desks, check this out. It's a fancy porcelain vase... BUT IT'S ALSO A WI-FI ROUTER! Isn't it about time the lowly router was given an aesthetic overhaul? 'PorceLAN' is a connected vase developed by Ferdinand Povel and Haiko Meyer and produced by German porcelain studio, Rosenthal. The vase comes in two pieces - the tech contained safely in the bottom half and the vase structure making up the top half. The pieces click together magnetically. Slick, right?

Go Outside The Lines create fun, screen printed designs for kids to colour, draw, scribble and paint on. Whether your kids prefer to colour in ever so neatly or scrawl like creative wild things, the finished results are pure treasure. Your walls will be full of custom kid art in no time! Take a look at Instagram for some inspo.


See you next week for some more cool stuff.  



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