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Have you just had your first child and are a bit unsure what to do? 

Are you overwhelmed by the range of gadgets available and don’t know which ones to buy?

Parent tech is a huge market that can be difficult to navigate, so we’ve gone out and found some of the best products out there that will help you get through those first few tricky months (or years!)


1.    Freemie – Pump anywhere.

 Freemie Breast Pump

Breast pumps are great. You’ve almost certainly heard about them from ante-natal classes, doctors or other mothers, but the traditional pumps are bulky and still provide logistical problems: finding somewhere private every three hours where you can stay for 30 minutes can be a challenge. 


This is where Freemie comes in. Freemie is a portable breast pump system that allows you to pump on the go. It easily and discreetly fits into your bra, so you can “pump anywhere, in front of anyone” without them needing to know.


Key Features

  • ‣ Light weight pump means you can take it with you wherever you go.

  • ‣ Doesn’t require you to hold anything, so you can carry on with your day as normal.

  • ‣ The pump’s quiet motor doesn’t shout to the world that you’re pumping.

  • ‣ No more carrying around a bulky pump and having to find somewhere quiet!


    How much is it: From $300


    2.   OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

    OXO Tot Bib 

    Children love to make a mess. The food goes everywhere except in their mouth and their bib does nothing to keep food from falling onto the floor.


    This is where the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib comes in. It’s been specifically designed to deal with messy children and make dinner time that bit less challenging.


    Key Features

    • ‣ A wide, silicone, food-safe pocket to catch food

    • ‣ A strong Velcro strap to keep it fastened around your baby’s neck

    • ‣ Rolls up into the pouch so you can take it on the go and keep your bags baby food free.

    • ‣ Machine washable for easy cleaning


      If you’re fed up of finding food everywhere after dinner time, then this is the product for you.


      How much is it: £12 from Amazon


      3.   Baby Björn Carrier One Outdoors

       Björn Baby Carrier

      Wondering how you can keep up your active lifestyle after having a baby? Want to take your baby with you whilst you go out for a walk but can’t take a pushchair?

      This is where the Björn Baby Carrier comes in. The Baby Carrier One is a highly reviewed baby carrier designed specifically for an active lifestyle and maximum comfort for both parent and child.


      Key Features

      • ‣ Four different carrying positions; worn on the front and back with the child facing forwards or backwards, for children of different ages.

      • ‣ Convenient pockets to keep your phone, keys and money easily accessible.

      • ‣ Made from tough, water and dirt repelling material to survive rugged terrain and conditions.


      How much is it: £149 from multiple suppliers


      4.   Suzy Snooze


      Baby monitors have been around for years, but they generally have very limited functionality and lifespan. After your child has started sleeping through the whole night there’s not much need for them at all.


      Suzy Snooze by BleepBleeps is a connected baby monitor designed to last for years. Not only will this give you peace of mind with your baby, your child will love it too!

      Key Features

      • ‣ Sends notifications straight to your phone if it detects any noise.

      • ‣ Allows you to listen in to what’s happening in your child’s room from anywhere in the world.

      • ‣ Functions as a nightlight with a soothing orange glow, optimised to promote natural sleep hormones and pacify children.

      • ‣ Plays calming music to help your children sleep.

      • ‣ Can be automated to turn off in the morning to train your child to stay in bed. Those extra minutes (or hours) of sleep are priceless!


      How much is it: £179 from BleepBleeps


      5.   Doona Car Seat

      Doona Car Seat/Stroller 

      Getting your baby in and out of the car is a hassle. It’s hard enough when you’ve got two hands and a second person, but when you’ve got to hold on to the pram with one hand and try and strap baby in with the other it’s nigh on impossible.


      Wouldn’t it be great if all that just went away? The Doona is the first infant car seat with integrated wheels so there’s no need to move baby from one to the other! Just open the wheels out and you’re ready to go. When you’re done, just fold the wheels away and strap the seat back into the car. It really is that easy.


      Key Features

      • ‣ Easy to switch between car seat and push chair. Just press a button!

      • ‣ Perfect for travelling in small cars with no boot space or on public transport

      • ‣ No more having to struggle moving your baby between the car seat and pram for a 5-minute trip!

      • ‣ Fully compliant with all legal safety requirements.


      How much is it: £279 from multiple suppliers


      6.   Icklebubba Orb+ Highchair for Newborns

      Icklebubba Highchair 

      Do you wish your baby could sit at the table during dinner and not be left out? Most highchairs aren’t designed for babies and most baby high chairs don’t adapt once they’re ready for a full sized one.


      The Icklebubba does both. It’s been designed to grow with your baby and the supports required for a new-born can be removed once your baby is able to support themselves.


      Key Features

      • ‣ Five-point harness and shoulder straps for complete safety

      • ‣ Optimum support for your baby’s neck with cushions that can be removed as they get older

      • ‣ Suitable for babies up to 3 years old

      • ‣ Easy to assemble and the food tray adjusts to three positions


      How much is it: £159 from Icklebubba


      7.    Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

       Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

      If you struggle to remember how long it’s been since you changed or your baby, how long they’ve been sleeping or when you last gave them their medication then this is the product for you.


      The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny is a multipurpose timer that helps you keep track of all your baby’s requirements.


      Key Features

      • ‣ Easy to read display showing how long since each feed/change/nap

      • ‣ Soft nightlight to help change nappies in the dark

      • ‣ Nursing reminder to keep you on schedule

      • ‣ Clip to easily attach to clothes/bags


      How much is it: $22.95 from Itzbeen

      8.    4Moms Spout Cover

       4Moms Spout Cover

      Bath-time can be one of most challenging times of day, so anything to make it easier is more than welcome. The 4Moms Spout cover is designed by mothers, for mothers, to take some of that stress away. It protects your child from hurting themselves on the tap and gives an easy to read display, so you can get the perfect water temperature and don’t burn or freeze your child!


      Key Features

      • ‣ Easily fits onto most taps to keep your child from hurting themselves on them.

      • ‣ Easy to clean, mould resistant design.

      • ‣ Bright LED display measures and clearly shows the optimum temperature for water so you don’t waste water


      How much is it: $29.99 from 4Moms


      9.    NutriBullet


      Baby food can be very expensive, especially when you consider that you can buy the ingredients yourself.  All you need to do is mix them together, and that’s where the NutriBullet comes in.


      By making your own food you can save over £30 per month! At that rate the NutriBullet pays for itself in no time, and you’ll have a smoothie maker that you can use for life!


      Key Features

      • ‣ Produce baby food using fresh ingredients, no heated or processed ingredients so your baby gets all the benefits of the food

      • ‣ Introduce your baby to different flavours early on in life so they won’t be picky eaters when they grow up

      • ‣ NutriBullets last for years, so even when you’ve stopped making baby food you can keep making yourself delicious smoothies!


      How much is it: From £29.99 at


      10.  iGuy iPad Case

       iGuy iPad Case

      Okay, so you only need this if you have an iPad, but if you do then you definitely need it! The iGuy case is perfect for protecting your tablet from the repeated drops sustained when your child gets their hands on your iPad! Its fun design delights young children and makes it easy for adults to keep an eye on.


      Key Features

      • ‣ Two large, soft foam handles make it easy and fun for children to keep hold of

      • ‣ Flat base means it can stand on a table at the perfect angle to watch videos and cartoons

      • ‣ Military standard drop protection to keep your tablet safe and prevent cracked screens


      How much is it: From £34.99 from Speck




      These products are all designed with one purpose in mind. Making life easier for parents. 

      They provide simple solutions to daily problems that will give you a bit more peace of mind and help you enjoy the joys of parenting.

      Some are cheap, some are a bit more expensive, but they all came from previous generations of parents saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” and now there's a solution to their problems so you don't have to deal with them!


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