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The Loop #39

This week in The Loop we share a bunch of bea-u-ti-ful Easter egg DIYS, we give Tom Pigeon's 'Play' print series a big round of applause for being brilliant and we say thanks to London design studio Honey & Toast for making scooter friendly school bags that'll last the test of time!

The Loop #38

This week in The Loop we meet Alexander Kanygin's helpful army of handcrafted wooden robots, we enjoy a big blast of cheerful colour from the studio of artist + illustrator Mary Matson and we unveil our latest (beautifully designed) building block crush - KUUM.

The Loop #37

This week in The Loop we give enthusiastic thumbs up to an ethical and sustainable kids' clothing brand that promises to increase the lifespan of your kids' clothes - even as they grow. We come over a little bit giddy at the thought of Nimuno's Lego Tape (yes!) and we enjoy the whimsical, playful work of illustrator Lisk Feng.

The Loop #36

This week in The Loop we celebrate International Women's Day by applauding Lego's new 'Women of NASA' figurine set, we take a look at a picture book with a twist by designer Bruce Usher and illustrator Antti Kalevi and, with the help of architect and graphic designer Federico Babina, we imagine what it might be like to pop round Cinderella's house for a cuppa. Oh - and we leave you with five minutes-ish of musical joy courtesy of the pint-sized Joyous String Quartet.

The Loop #35

This week in The Loop, children's illustrator Jana Glatt brightens your week with her colourful pictures, we get excited by the prospect of Leander's beautifully designed baby crib that can be used even when your child is a teenager and we chuckle at Estudio Guardabosques' paper-craft cats as they create chaos in a handmade paper city (just as bonkers and delightful as it sounds!).

The Loop #34

This week in The Loop we add typewriter-inspired tech to our wishlists, we prepare to take a trip to Do Ho Suh's colourful world of previous homes and workspaces and we wonder how on earth LA-based artist Naoshi creates art with sand. By way of a belated tribute to the wonderful Dick Bruna, we leave you with Five Minutes of Miffy.

The Loop #33

This week in The Loop we take a half-term trip to the Imagine Children's Festival at London's South Bank, we inject a bit of joy into the day with crazy-colourful robot illustrations by Thomas Burden and we give three cheers to Robe Lowe aka Supermundane for transforming the window display of one of London's favourite Carnaby Street stores in the way only he can. 


The Loop #32

This week on The Loop, we fall head over heels in love with HATTERN's dreamy Mellow Collection, we get our thinking caps on and come up with some ways to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family and we dream of the day we own a 3D food printer to make our own chocolatey gifts! We also bring you Five Minutes of excellent chewing gum packaging (yes, really!) courtesy of the Japanese Gum Museum.

The Loop #31

This week in The Loop we dream of sunnier, warmer climes with help from photographer Nick Frank and his Candlyland project, we give artist Morag Myerscough a big high five for doing such a marvellous job of revamping the Sheffield Children's Hospital and we dig out our glo-sticks in preparation for a family rave up! To maximise the cosy vibes, we devote five minutes to just enjoying Elizabeth Pawle's dreamy textile art.

The Loop #30

This week in The Loop the kids flex their critical and creative muscles as they get ready to take part in Anorak Magazine's Little Editors Scheme, we covet the colourful furniture project by Muller Van Severen and our penchant for a Lego brick gets a boost with Dutch design workshop Brikkon. It's a good 'un!

The Loop #29

This week in The Loop we get excited about the Institute of Imagination's first ever Live Lab event (it sounds GREAT!), we smile at Zenji Funabashi's wooden sculptures and we warm up at Sunny Side Up - an exhibition all about the colour yellow, by Josef Albers.  

The Loop #28

In our first post of 2017 we learn about the heartbeat simulating wearable that helps regulate mood and banish the January blues, we find out about G.F Smith's mission to find out the world's favourite colour and we get excited about a trip to The Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick. To inspire some good habits for the new year, we leave you with Five Minutes of Bullet Journal! Enjoy.