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Life Stuff

Life Stuff with Matas Petrikas of Vai Kai

Matas Petrikas is CEO and Founder of Berlin design studio, Vai Kai. He is also father to two daughters - Lia (9) and Mila (2). 

In this edition of Life Stuff we ask Matas how he and his wife Dalia manage to fit in all the life stuff that is required of them as creative professionals and parents. Matas tells us about the Vai Kai workshop, about his favourite spot at home - and about how he needs to look out for his 9 year old daughter stealing his job!

Life Stuff with Emma Orchardson of One We Made Earlier

Emma Orchardson is a designer and owner of accessories brand One We Made Earlier. She is also mum to two daughters, Elsa (7) and Lily (5). In this edition of Life Stuff, Emma tells us how she and husband Rob manage to fit in all the life stuff required of them as self-employed creative people, as designers, as business owners and as parents.

Life Stuff with Donna Wilson

Textile designer, Donna Wilson, is Company Director of her popular 'Donna Wilson' design label. She is also mum to two boys, Eli and Logie. In this edition of Life Stuff, Donna tells us how she manages to fit in all the life stuff required of her as a creative professional, as the head of a popular lifestyle brand and as a human person.

Life Stuff with Shaun Keaveny

'Eh, let me think... What time do I get up? Body - 5.05am. Brain - 6.54am.'

Presenter of the BBC6Music Breakfast Show, radio DJ Shaun Keaveny talks to us about his day, about his sprite-like ability to avoid accidentally waking his family at the crack of dawn and he explains how, by running around like a whippet, he manages to fit in all the Life Stuff required of him as a broadcaster, parent and human person!  

Life Stuff with Rosie Wolfenden (MBE)

Rosie Wolfenden is Co-Founder and Managing Director of jewellery design brand Tatty Devine. She's also mother to two little boys, Artie (aged 2) and Francis Beau (3 months). We asked Rosie to tell us about her day and to explain how she and film maker husband, Tony, fit in all the life stuff that's required of them as professionals, as parents, as human people. Over to you, Rosie!