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Five Minutes of (OLD SCHOOL) TECH

This week we're getting our geek on and celebrating technology. Old school technology, that is. It's fascinating to see how the gizmos we use every day have developed over time and it's pretty exciting to see what happens when tech design of the past meets tech design from the present.

Here's your five minutes of... (OLD SCHOOL) TECH.


Five Minutes of ORANGE!

It's no accident that Suzy Snooze is that scrummy shade of orange, no sir. You see, the warmth of the colour orange creates a stable, reassuring, calming atmosphere and helps your child fall asleep faster. To mark the end of our Kickstarter campaign and to welcome Suzy Snooze into the BleepBleeps fold, we're bringing you Five Minutes of...well, ORANGE! 


Five Minutes of FLOWER POWER

We hope that wherever you are you're enjoying a sunshiny summer. Here in the UK, it seems we're more likely to be huddled under an umbrella avoiding (another) impromptu shower than strolling around twirling our sun parasols. So, to brighten things up a little bit and to give us all a little reminder of the colourful outdoors, we're bringing you Five Minutes of FLOWER POWER... Ready?

Five Minutes of LIGHT

This week, we're taking inspiration from Suzy's Sleep Sequence to bring you Five Minutes of LIGHT featuring a giant LED light toy, some magical reflective sculptures in California and Memphis inspired lamps!

Five Minutes of MUSIC

Stephen Malinowski's Music Animation Machine adds a whole new colourful dimension to Bach and we share our Good Morning playlist! This week, we're dedicating five whole minutes to MUSIC. Put your feet up, plug your headphones in and enjoy.

Five Minutes of MINIATURE

This week's five minute break is dedicated to all things mini, tiny, teeny, titchy and small. Take a seat in your comfy chair and enjoy Five Minutes of MINIATURE. Wheep!

Five Minutes of GOOD VIBES

Phew! It's time again for your five minute breather. We all need a little pick-me-up now and again so this week we're sharing a little bunch of cool stuff that oozes positivity. Take a seat and get ready for Five Minutes of GOOD VIBES!

Five Minutes of HOLIDAY FUN

Whatever you're doing this half-term, wherever you are - consider this week's blog your very own virtual day trip. Go get an ice cream, put your flip-flops (just for effect) and relax. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Five Minutes of HOLIDAY FUN.