Suzy Snooze - Production Update #1 – BleepBleeps

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Suzy Snooze

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Hey... Hello... Hi!

We've been double busy :)

First up, you'll be pleased to know we are bang on schedule for our estimated delivery in March (and December for Fast Track Betas). Full production update below. You can follow our Instagram Stories for regular video updates on production and general bleepy BleepBleeps bleepiness.


London Design Festival

We had a lovely time hanging out at the #LDF MAP Shop alongside our fellow MAP collaborators Kano, Hackaball, Beeline, Brizi and Ding. It was a great behind-the-scenes look at crowdfunded collaboration! Here's a nice article from Core77.



Shipping surveys + BleepBleeps Gear

We're still finalising the shipping survey and we'll send this (through Backerkit) in one of the future updates. You'll be able to finalise your address, add-on any extra Suzys or Sammys and also bag some BleepBleeps gear!


Audio sounding good

We've finalised the speaker design now and we've given an audio rig to Erol Alkan so he can fine-tune Suzy's sleepy music to get the best performance from our speaker set up. Check out the interview with Erol.


LEDs looking sweet

We've finalised the LED layout and are still working on the optimal light sequences for the soothing sequence, nighttime and morning modes.


iOS app is sorted - Android coming along...

iOS is pretty much there with just a few integration bits and bobs to finish up. We are now working on porting to Android over the next month or so.



Packaging is pukka...

Thanks for all those backers that helped us decide on the packaging - it looks awwwwwsome.


That's it for now!



Tom & TBB

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