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Constantly battling the chaos of mornings when all you want is a calm five minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee? Longing for the day when you can all leave the house on time without the bathroom turning into Tantrum Central? Here are six simple tips to make that morning routine easier. 

1. Organised Chaos!

Disguise dull family organising time as fun family playtime. Grab a bunch of paper and coloured pencils and, with your kids, make a chart that shows all the things they have to do before they leave the house in the morning. From getting washed and brushing teeth to eating breakfast and putting shoes on, add every task to a big visual ‘to do’ list with fun pictures. Smooth out potential tantrum danger zones at this stage and you might avoid a full-on morning meltdown later.

2. Be Realistic

Think realistically about how long your family’s morning routine takes. If you expect your kids to get up and ready in 30 minutes but yet, day in and day out, it takes 50 minutes and you all wind up running 20 minutes late - something isn’t adding up. We hate ourselves for even suggesting this, but do you…need to get up earlier? For the love of goodness, allow yourself time for a quiet cup of coffee before your kids wake up and parenting mode kicks in. 

3. Prep. Time

To dial down the morning mania and free up some time, prepare as much as you can the night before and have your kids lend a hand. Can they help to make packed lunches? Can they lay out the bits and bobs they’ll need handy to eat breakfast? If there are clothes to iron or school bags to be packed, permission slips to be signed or gym kits to be found, get them together ahead of time.

 4. The Organisation Station

Pick a place at home where all school stuff is stored every evening. Backpacks, snack boxes, shoes, gym kits, homework, projects, library books, lunch money - encourage your kids to stash their belongings in the designated spot so they know where everything is in the morning. It’s a good idea to keep your must-haves in one place too! If you’re jigging about on one leg yelling something indecipherable about a misplaced car key/phone/wallet then your kids are likely to join in!

5. Swap Morning Grumps for Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails

Have Suzy Snooze help your kids get a good night’s sleep and you might find mornings become less fraught for everyone. Suzy will help them drift off to sleep, help them stay asleep all night and give them a gentle wake up call when it’s time to get up. She's the best! Here are some more tips about sleep rituals and creating a sleep-friendly bedroom too. These could come in handy. 

6. 'I can do it MYSELF! I want to do it!'

How many times have you heard that today? Time to make this work in your favour! Encourage your kids to do as much of their morning routine themselves as they can. Sure, you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open to make sure they’re managing, but letting them get on with the things on their ‘to do’ chart might mean you have to wrestle with them a little less.

BleepBleeps Bonus Tip: 

Make a good mood playlist to get everyone going in the morning. You could even use the tunes as a musical timer. “By the end of this song, we must all have our shoes on…GO!’ If you like, you can boogie along to ours! Find it on Spotify here


A Fine Parent


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