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Don't get your bikini/speedos (delete as appropriate) in a bunch. Here are some ideas for making sure you AND the kids have a fun, relaxing time on holiday!

Eat spaghetti in your swimsuit before you go! 

Before you go, get everyone excited with some fun with holiday-related activities. By preparing your kids for what to expect you'll help settle any nerves they might have about travelling to a new place. Watch a movie set in the country you’re visiting, put your swimsuits on and eat a themed meal together or look up a whole bunch of photos and facts about your destination and host a silly pre-holiday quiz in the paddling pool! Holiday vibes start here, people! 

Relax + take your time! 

You have planned the travel itinerary down the last second. Of course, you want to get your family holiday off to a smooth start, but try taking the pressure off a little by allowing plenty of time for, you know, Polly to say goodbye to Hammy the hamster, for Johnny to lose then find and lose then find his favourite game a few times over and for mums and dads to lose car keys and phone chargers and passports… Once you’re on your way, there’s bound to be all sorts of cool new stuff your kids will want to stop and stare at for a bit so, don’t freak out - timetable stalling time. Let yourself relax, let your family relax and enjoy the trip!

Hourly attention grabbers 

Keep boredom at bay on long journeys with a big bunch of attention grabbing activities and switch them up every hour. You can find a run down of ace apps and games here. Break up blocks of on-screen play time with easy-to-pack mini colouring-in kits, puzzles, quizzes, word search (seriously, who doesn’t secretly LOVE a word search!), fun family challenges and, if you’re in your own car - include a good old fashioned sing-song followed by a good old-fashioned game of I Spy! Oldies but goldies.

Give the kids an old school disposable camera

Invest in a bunch of inexpensive disposable cameras and let your budding photographers take their own holiday snaps! Not only will having their own camera keep them occupied and excited about their new holiday surroundings, but you’ll all end up with a unique kid’s eye view of their holiday fun times to treasure. Ace!

Keep a family travel scrapbook

As a family, collect bits, bobs and mementos from your holiday and set aside 10 minutes to scribble mini diary entries of your trip every day. From interesting food packaging, restaurant placemats and postcards to unusual stones and pebbles from the beach (and everything in between), gather up a bonkers bunch of stuff to collate into a keepsake scrapbook when you get home.


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