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Donna Wilson is Company Director of her successful 'Donna Wilson' design label. She is also mum to two boys, Eli and Logie. In this edition of Life Stuff, Donna tells us how she manages to fit in all the life stuff required of her as a creative professional, as the head of a popular lifestyle brand and as a human person. 

Over to you, Donna! 

Ok. So to describe a working day at Donna Wilson in two words? Colourful. And messy!

I'm a designer. I’m passionate about creating products that people can connect with and about making things that make people smile. The studio is committed to making things that our customers will treasure. Our products are equal parts warm, friendly, familiar, cosy, and high quality. We use UK based manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible. We're trying to do our bit to keep craftsmanship alive. I think, essentially, I like creating products that remind people of their childhood, of nature and the loveable imperfection and quirks of people and the world around us. I think that's something that almost anyone can relate to and find endearing. 

Before Eli came along, my partner Jon and I would work pretty much all the time. We both run our own businesses. Now it’s a bit of a balancing act for me. I find myself rushing home from work to spend time with my boys.

I think it's good to have cut off times where you dedicate a certain number of hours or days to work and then when you get home that's it, it's family time. It's hard when your head is in two different places. When I get home in the evening we have reading time.'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr. Seuss and 'The Tiger Comes to Tea,' are both favourites with Eli!

Striking the right work-life balance is really hard - especially if you are just setting up your business. A business needs a lot of time and you have to think about things constantly. It's like another child! I am so lucky that 'Donna Wilson' was a bit more established by the time I had my first baby so I had lots of help from my team!

Having recently moved into our new house, I am so aware, now more than ever, of how much home means to me. I am really enjoying the nesting process and making it feel like 'home'. And as I'm finding places for my belongings, it feels like ours more and more. It is a lovely little house. It’s nice to have a bit more space and to know we will be here for a long time. 

Home is a place to have fun, make memories, make things, play and relax. My partner and I are always really encouraging our kids to play and make things, to be outside and to not to watch too much TV! Play is about using your imagination and not sticking to any rules. It should be free and fun. You should never stop playing!

At weekends we love visiting friends and going to the seaside. I was born on a farm and grew up in the country so living in London is very different. I need my fix of countryside air every so often. I just came back from a week of being out there, walking outside in the fields with all the space and nature all around is a dream for me.

When I can't get away to relax though, I find myself popping on to Instagram in the evenings after work. I like to record and share the things I do and I like to find other creative people too. It's always nice to get a few likes when I post images!


You can find Donna on Instagram here and you can visit her website for more information about the latest Donna Wilson collections. 




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