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She's here, she's here! The newest member of the BleepBleeps family is live on Kickstarter right now! Meet Suzy Snooze! (We're so excited we're not even embarrassed about all those exclamation marks).

A smart baby monitor, sleep trainer and night light all in one, Suzy Snooze helps children get to sleep faster, helps them have a great night's sleep and teaches them to stay in bed until it's time to wake up and start the day. She is SO clever.

Created with the mighty Mumsnet - the UK's biggest parenting community, and Colin Espie - Chief Medical Officer of Sleepio, Suzy Snooze is the ultimate sleep tool for families. She's the very first of her kind! From baby monitor, to lullaby nightlight, to toddler sleep trainer, to kids' speaker - Suzy evolves through your child's early years and helps the whole family get a good night's rest. She also happens to be cute as a button.

Sleep is one of the most important things for a child's health and wellbeing and through our own experiences as parents and from talking to other parents, we know sleep is one of the top concerns for families with young children too. That's why, using the latest in sleep science and clever design thinking, we decided to create Suzy Snooze. 

A baby monitor, sleep trainer and night light all in one!

Connect Suzy Snooze to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an audio baby monitor. Suzy connects to your smartphone using your existing Wi-Fi network and lets you listen in live to your baby in high definition, secure audio. 

When it comes to creating healthy sleep habits, ritual is crucial. With soothing sound and light arrangements designed by our experts to induce sleepy feelings at bedtime, Suzy's Sleep Sequence teaches your child to get to sleep on their own. Emulating an evening sunset, Suzy's coloured light helps your child relax and feel sleepy.

Suzy's Audio Sequence moves through melodic, hypnotic and ambient phases helping your child along the trajectory to sleep.

Then, once your child is asleep, Suzy becomes a comforting night light. By creating a calm and cosy environment, your child stays sleep all night.

In the morning, Suzy's hat will gently pop up, signalling that it's time to get up. Suzy helps teach your kids to stay in bed longer so that you get a good rest too!

Just imagine... Sweet, sweet ZZzzzzzs for the whole family - all night long.

We want to see Suzy Snooze creating calm, relaxed, sleepy feelings in bedrooms everywhere. But we need your help to do that. To see Suzy in action and to find out more about our Kickstarter campaign, visit our Suzy Snooze campaign page