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With just one more day to go until our Suzy Snooze Kickstarter campaign ends, we're tipping our hats to our little orange friend as we bring you Five Minutes of...well, ORANGE! 

A smart baby monitor, sleep trainer and night light all in one, Suzy Snooze helps children get to sleep faster, helps them have a great night's sleep and teaches them to stay in bed until it's time to wake up and start the day. She is SO clever. And so scrumptiously orange! If you'd like to support our campaign to bring Suzy out into the world or if you'd like to pre-order Suzy Snooze for yourself before she hits the shops, you best hurry. Hop over to our Kickstarter page now before our campaign ends tomorrow! 

It's no accident that Suzy Snooze is that scrummy shade of orange, no sir. The warmth of orange creates a stable, reassuring, calming atmosphere. And, although you might not think it at first, orange is a relaxing colour that can encourage you to fall asleep faster! While blue light from screens can disrupt our brains and make it more difficult to fall asleep (or to enjoy a proper lovely sleep when we do), orange light like Suzy's does the opposite. Dreamy!

This cute illustration is by Kate Matsumoto.

We feel so happy when the big orange sun ball appears in the sky and temperatures start to rise, but then we remember how tricky it can be to get a good night's sleep in hot, sticky weather! Here's a tip or three on keeping your cool during the summer months:

1. An hour or so before bedtime, pop a bowl of cold water with ice cubes in in front of your fan. You and your family will feel the benefits of a cool breeze when it's time to turn in. 

2. For an extra pre-bed cool down, try soaking your feet in a basin of cold water for a while. Aaaaaah...

3. If bagging up your kids' bedding and putting it in the freezer seems a bit wild (though the thought of climbing in to an icy cold bed sounds pretty glorious about now!), try repurposing your hot water bottles as COLD water bottles. Fill them with iced water and ice cubes and use them to create that lovely 'other side of the pillow' feeling.

Illustrator Louise Lockhart is the brains + talented hands behind Printed Peanut. Pop on over to find this 'You Are My Sunshine' print and other illustrated fun. 

And in the morning when you and your family wake up feeling rested and reenergised, top up those zesty vibes with some ACTUAL oranges! Orange + pink grapefruit segments are a delicious wake-up call for your taste buds and get juicing for a fresh and zingy morning time drink. 

Dina Belenko is the photographer behind this series of foodie still life compositions. You can see more here

Suzy Snooze is there for you and your family at bedtime. But maybe you want to add a little dash of comforting orange to your child's toy box too. Houzz has stacks of inspiration to start you off! 



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