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This week's five minute break is dedicated to all things mini, tiny, teeny, titchy and small. Take a seat in your comfy chair and enjoy Five Minutes of MINIATURE. Wheep! 


Adapted and shrunk from decade's worth of Vitra furniture designs, these mini chairs are a delight! 

This is Dot. She's the tiny little record breaking star of the world's smallest stop motion animation and she is just about as cute as the tiniest button.


The 'Freaking Tiny' Tumblr archive collects together pages and pages and pages of miniatures. We loved this little selection of teeny little games!

Kyle Kirkpatrick's tiny, intricately crafted landscapes are constructed from the pages of books. The delight is in the detail and the detail is blowing our minds!   

 Bite-size pop tarts, miniature hot dogs and titchy little BLTs are among our favourite little dishes from Jenny Park and Teri Lyn Fisher's super-fun recipe book Tiny Food Party. We'll take a kilo of pop tarts please! 




Home Adore

Dorey McCall

Freaking Tiny Tumblr

This Is Colossal

Tiny Food Party

Spoon Fork Bacon






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