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Whatever you're doing this half-term, wherever you are - consider this week's blog your very own virtual day trip. Go get an ice cream, put your flip-flops (just for effect) and relax. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Five Minutes of HOLIDAY FUN. 

Pack your imaginary lilo in your imaginary suitcase and pick your destination! American artist David Klein made his name as a commercial illustrator and is best remembered for the award-winning travel advertising posters he designed for Trans World Airlines during the 1950s and 60s. Ready for take off? 

Photographer Gray Malin's 'A La Plage, A La Piscine' project began in Las Vegas when he photographed the hotel pool from his top floor room. Pretty soon, his idea grew and it wasn't long before he found himself craning out of helicopters, taking aerial photographs of beaches all over the world! We're finding the colour pops and shapes and patterns very pleasing indeed. Take a load off. Lay out your beach towel and hang out a while. 

UK based artist and ceramicist Anna Barlow's work is all about food and what she calls the 'visual edibility' of, say, elaborate dessert dishes as they drip and melt and get thoroughly sticky and gloriously gooey! By experimenting with clay and glaze and porcelain, Anna creates hyper-realistic dishes designed to be looked at and enjoyed (but, sadly, not licked!). Hankering after an ice-cream sundae? Yip. Us too. 

Now, these are our kind of sand castles! If we could just whip up some coloured sand... Calvin Seibert, has been building sand sculptures like these, inspired by Modernist and Brutalist architecture, for over thirty years. The challenge has been set. Shall we? 

Which of these hotels would you prefer to stay in? This is an imaginary holiday - you can stay wherever you like! You can see some more of photographer Luigi Bonaventura's facades here if you're just not ready to return home yet! 



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Gray Malin

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Luigi Bonaventura




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