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We know there’s no right or wrong way to be a parent. Over the years, ‘Whatever works!’ has become our mantra. So, while you juggle the big life stuff and take care of the small people in your family, let us help you out with some simple, fun tips and tricks to make parenting that teensy bit easier. 

Sometimes it takes a while to get the hang of the whole left foot / right foot, putting the shoes on thing, doesn't it? Help things along by cutting a big sticker in half. Pop the right part of the picture on the inside of the right shoe and the left part of the picture on the inside of the left shoe. When shoes sit side by side and the picture looks complete from above, your kids know they're putting their shoes on the right way round!

Even parents who love and embrace a bit of messy play have been known to dread the appearance of the glitter shakers! If you haven't done so already, add a lint roller to your messy play cleaning kit. When playtime's over, use the roller to gather up stray glitter specks and your surfaces will be back to glitter-free normality in no time. 

If you're finding it tricky to get your kids excited about eating fresh fruit, as a special treat, wham some favourites into the blender, whizz them into a smoothie... then add sprinkles. Seriously. Add a few sprinkles. Sprinkles make just about everything more fun. And providing you don't over do it, you're adding just the littlest dash of sugar to an otherwise fruitsy treat! 

Before you resign your unwanted cardboard boxes to the recycling bin, you might be able to get one last use out of them. Tear off (or cut off) the flaps that'd normally form the lid of the box. Turn it upside down. Cut some holes along one side - et voila! You've made your kids a super-simple putting game! Got some extra time? Decorate your box - make it colourful, make it fun. Got time to take on a serious play project? Get a whole bunch of boxes and make your own crazy-putting course! 


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