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Playtime is important. Not just for your kids, but for you too! Get in touch with your inner child and prepare yourself for Five Minutes of PLAY. Enjoy!  

Currently exhibited at the Newport Street Gallery in London, 'Play-doh' by American artist, Jeff Koons is making us smile. Standing over 1.5 metres high and taking 20 years to complete, this sculpture has us hankering for some quality play-doh play time! 

A favourite at BleepBleeps HQ, SET is a beautifully put together visual perception card game that's both pleasing to the eye and boggling to the brain. SET was invented and designed by Marsha Falco between 1974 and 1976 and, believe it or not, was inspired by Martha's research in Animal Science!   

If you're yet to embrace the continuing craze for adult colouring-in, maybe these might tempt you. This wonderful collection of fancy crayons look good enough to eat (please don't eat crayons) and as for the pencil tree is a desktop delight!  

'JUMPIN!' is a nomadic art installation comprising 81,000 white balls in a ball pit that encourages us to embrace the power of play. 'JUMPIN!', a collaborative project between creative agency Pearlfisher and the Right To Play charity, caused quite a stir in London last year and has since headed off to America. We'll be first in the queue if it ever returns to the UK!

Who are we fooling? This toy wish list from children's design store Moon Picnic isn't really for the kids. It's for us! Do you get just as excited about toy shopping as your kids do?  

 *BONUS EXTRA* We just couldn't bring you Five Minutes of PLAY without including House of Cards by Charles & Ray Eames. Hours of grown-up play time guaranteed with this set of 20, double-sided interlocking cards. A design dream. 

We hope you've enjoyed Five Minutes of PLAY. You must let us know if you've been inspired to get the play-doh out! We'll see you again next week for another five minute breather. 


Jeff Koons

Newport Street Gallery 

Set Enterprises Inc.

Eames Office

Time Out


Moon Picnic

Present & Correct




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