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Get ready for intricate motifs, invigorating colour and some eye-popping, unexpected twists and turns! This week, we bring you Five Minutes of PATTERN. Enjoy.


Using only characters from her iPhone keyboard, London based designer Alice Bosc has set herself a personal challenge to create and share a pattern a day every day for a year. You can follow her progress on the Typemoji Instagram account. The results are ace!

Tumblr blog, Spiraesthetic is an animated celebration of kids' drawing kit Spirograph. With gif after gif of colourful, intricate Spirograph patterns looping round and round, it's easy to lose yourself in a moment of nostalgia! Still got your kit in the attic? We'd love to see you blow your kids' minds with some low-fi fun. Seriously. Send your 'Blowing my kids' minds with Spirograph' photos to or tag #bleepbleeps on Instagram ;) 


Founded in 2011 by Kristi O'Meara and Audrey Victoria Keiffer, The PatternBase has grown from being a wonderful digital pattern archive on Tumblr to operating as a real-life surface design studio, pop-up gallery and archive in Chicago. Browse The PatternBase Tumblr at your peril. A five minute browse can easily become five hour pattern party! 

[Above: Les Graphiquants, Hiromu Tsuboi, Jan Van Der Ploeg]


Built by coding whizz Charlie Clark, is home to a gang of creative bots whose job it is to create automated art! There are currently three bots hard at work in the online gallery - Gradient Artbot, Shape Artbot and Pattern Artbot. These are just some of the pieces Pattern Artbot has created this week. We picked these ones because they had sunshiney vibes.


Founded by photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham, Patternity is a world renowned, go-to resource for all things pattern. Patternity has such a brilliant knack of seeing beauty in everyday objects and seeking out pattern in unexpected places!

We hope you've enjoyed your five minute pattern break. See you next week!




Alice Bosc


Pattern Base


Patternity (Instagram)