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Rosie Wolfenden is Co-Founder and Managing Director of jewellery design brand Tatty Devine. She's also mother to two little boys, Artie (aged 2) and Francis Beau (3 months). We asked Rosie to tell us about her day and to explain how she and film maker husband, Tony, fit in all the life stuff that's required of them as professionals, as parents, as human people. Over to you, Rosie! 

Rosie Wolfenden, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Tatty Devine

I set up Tatty Devine with Harriet [Vine] in 1999. Harriet and I first met at art school and we started making things together when we graduated. Because we were both interested in standing out from the crowd, we made different things to wear - headbands, customised T shirts and statement necklaces made from found objects. We started out with market stalls at Portabello and Spitalfields and now we have two stand alone stores and a website! We also distribute our Tatty Devine designs to shops all over the world. I manage the team and work on developing the brand and business. I love what I do and I love the fact it grew from nothing but friendship.

Rosie & Harriet together in the Tatty Devine studio


I've always been a big fan of sleep. I would sleep all day if I could but recently, both Artie and Francis have been waking up at 6am - so that means I've been waking up at 6am too! Every morning Artie climbs in to my side of the bed and Francis wants feeding, so I juggle the two of them. Artie is suffering a bit from having a new baby brother so I'm making sure he gets plenty attention. Morning duvet time lets us all hang out together for a bit before we start the day. 

Breakfast time is bold and bright in Rosie's retro kitchen 

[Photo by Ingrid Rassmussen] 

Once it hits 7am we head to the kitchen for breakfast. It always takes about an hour and a half to get us all ready, but we have a little system and somehow it works. Tony, my husband, cycles Artie to nursery on his way to work leaving me and Francis to get on with things.

At the moment, my routine is determined by Francis' routine. I answer emails and make calls while he sleeps and I go for walks and out to meetings while he's awake. I can't wait until Francis is big enough to be strapped onto my bike so we can cycle to work together! 


There's no such thing as a typical day at Tatty Devine. Every day is different. Days involve attending lot of meetings, but that's fine. I love talking to people! When Harriet's busy designing the next collection or collaboration, I'll contribute my ideas and we catch up on plans and projects whenever we can. I love to see the Tatty Devine team in action so I visit the shops as often as possible. It's always fantastic to meet our customers and see them get excited about our jewellery.

The Tatty Devine SS16 collection takes us back to our childhood!

When Artie comes to work with me, he heads straight to my desk and gets out the felt tips from my top drawer. He knows his way around and seems to like it! He also loves wearing Tatty Devine. He's always raiding my jewellery boxes. Artie's current favourite is 'Birdie'; the Parakeet Necklace!

Artie proudly sporting his Parakeet Necklace by Tatty Devine


The minute Artie and I get back to the house, the evening routine gets going! If I'm not doing three things at once, I feel I'm wasting time so, while Artie is having dinner, I get some food on the go for Tony and I. You know, at the same time as running a bath, tidying Artie's room, getting Francis' milk ready, hanging laundry and answering emails! 

Before I had a family, I would be out most evenings at launches, events, talks or the cinema, theatre etc.. I still have fun - just in a different way. I am lucky to have such flexibility in my work life. I have the freedom to manage my diary to suit. Time is precious and I don't like to waste a second.


Francis is usually fed, bathed and asleep by 7pm so I get to spend some time hanging out with Artie - focussing just on him and making him feel special. Then his bathtime/bedtime routine starts! Tony and I usually read bedtime stories until around 8.30 or 9pm then, once the boys are both asleep, we get to eat (a late) dinner together.

Time to switch off, read and relax!

[Photo by Ingrid Rassmussen]

I have to be in bed by 11pm. I love bed! I always have a bed book on the go. I read from my iPad so I can read in the dark with one hand (essential when breastfeeding!). I switch all our devices onto airplane mode so that nothing can wake us - and so I don't end up online shopping or looking on my social feeds! It's also good to have some time away from those radio waves.


My husband works long hours too so we make sure we focus on each other and the boys at weekends. We do lots of cooking together. Artie loves helping out in the kitchen. The house is covered in paintings and prints, either by friends or from bands, events or junk shops. I suppose my work influences my free family time in that I think it's so important to express yourself and to nurture your imagination. I try to sit down to draw or paint with Artie as much as possible. He loves it! There's so much to cram in - but we always manage it, somehow.

Photography via Rosie Wolfenden, Tatty Devine & The Interior Stylist