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Each week we bring you a little round up of cool stuff we've spotted online that we think you might like. Just to keep you in the loop! 

This year, in the run up to the London Design Festival, Sir Paul Smith has taken up a role as project creator + ambassador of a crazy-ambitious, crazy-cool project called Visionary Crazy Golf. Crazy golf courses designed by renowned architects, artists and designers are set to be installed in Trafalgar Square for one week - providing the projects reaches its £120,000 funding goal on KickStarter. The project is described as, 'futuristic, functional, fun and free'. Yes, yes. We like the sound of that.

East London based artist Camille Walala's playful crazy golf ideas have captured our imaginations already!


If you're in London this weekend, you still have time to pop along to the Whitechapel Gallery for the final days of the Electronic Superhighway (2016 - 1966) exhibition. There are 100 works on display - all exploring the impact of computer technology and the internet on art and artists.

With its bold colours and geometric shapes, 'Deep Face' (2016) by Douglas Coupland caught our attention. 


Wowsers. Just when we thought we couldn't love bold lifestyle brand Rubberband more, they only go and collaborate with French designer and painter, Nathalie Du Pasquier to produce this set of punchy, patterned notebooks! Friends, this is the kind of design joy that occurs when beautiful stationery is combined with the brains and talents of a founding member of the Memphis group! Good, right?


Thomas Dambo's 'Happy City Birds' ongoing street art project put a smile on our faces this week. Using reclaimed, rescued and recycled materials, Thomas has built over 3500 bird houses and installed them in cities all over the world in the last 7 years. The colourful little houses provide shelter for city dwelling birds - but they also act as a reminder to city dwelling humans to make and maintain space for birds and other wildlife in our urban environments. Lovely! 



London Design Festival

Visionary Crazy Golf

Camille Walala

The Whitechapel Gallery

Douglas Coupland


Nathalie Du Pasquier

Bored Panda

Thomas Dambo

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