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Since it’s National Stationery Week and to mark World Stationery Day, we are gifting you five whole minutes of papertastic, office-supply-alicious, raid-the-stationery-cupboard delight. Enjoy!

 Present & Correct know how to awaken the stationery fetishist in everyone! Their ongoing Stationery Compositions project is just awesome.


 For her 2007 exhibition, Directed Perspective, New York artist Rebecca Murtaugh created a series of incredible sculptures from post-it notes. 


 The first rule of The Society of the Crossed Pencils is… don’t talk about The Society of the Crossed Pencils. Actually, it isn’t. The first rule of The Society of the Crossed Pencils is, ‘Use pencils daily’. Of course. Founded by artist (and pencil lover), Victorija Semjonova, this Instagram account is the stuff of stationery dreams.


To help prospective tenants visualise how they might allocate and partition off space in the huge office floor, design studio Radford Willis installed ‘Division of Space’ - a fun exhibition featuring super-sized stationery items!


Mr Printables sure knows paper. He also knows how to design clever (printable) things from paper - like ‘a house a month’ street calendars, super-cute greetings cards or a rather lovely DIY face that helps kids (and adults!) understand and express emotions. Lovely!

We’ll see you again next week for another quiet, peaceful Five Minutes of You Time, ok?



Stationery Compositions

Present & Correct

Rebecca Murtaugh

The Society of the Crossed Pencils


Mr Printables

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