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These next five minutes are just for you. Fix a snack, take a seat and enjoy five mellow minutes of PLANT LIFE, courtesy of our friends, plants (and their friends, flowers).

In his latest series of work, ‘Somewhere Small’ LA based artist Jedediah Voltzbuilds teeny tiny treehouse sculptures around houseplants.

Started by Lotte van Baalen, Plants on Pink is a joyful, sunny little corner of Instagram where photos of, well, plants on pink, are shared from all over the world and curated/collated in one place. Very pleasing indeed!

 Well, we’ve heard of ‘bringing the outside in’, but - WOW! In her latest large scale installation, florist and artist Rebecca Louise Law has suspended 30,000 flowers from the ceiling of a popular shopping spot in Berlin to glorious effect!

 French architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel designed this building in Cyprus with perforated walls and wide balconies, filling the spaces with plant life. In the summer months the foliage protects the apartments from the heat and in winter, the plants shed their leaves to let the sunshine in!

And just when you think plant life can’t get any more LOVELY, there’s this fromOh Joy! Polka dot plants? Why not?

We hope you’ve enjoyed your Five Minutes of PLANT LIFE. See you next week!



This is Colossal

Jedediah Voltz

Plants on Pink


Oh Joy!


Ateliers Jean Nouvel