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We know there’s no right or wrong way to be a parent. Over the years, ‘Whatever works!’ has become our mantra. So, while you juggle the big life stuff and take care of the small people in your family, let us help you out with some simple, fun tips and tricks to make parenting that teensy bit easier. 

“I’m bored! Mum. Mum. Mum. I’m boooooored! Mum. Mum. Mum!” 

Sound familiar? Help beat the boredoms with an Activity Pot. Write a whole bunch of activities on lolly sticks, pop them in a little pot - et voila! The next time your kids are struggling to think of something to do, your response can be, ‘Close your eyes. Pick a stick!’

Kids frightened of monsters under the bed / in the wardrobe / in the spooky corner? Skoosh them away with this special ‘Monsters Be Gone’ spray. 

Decorate an empty spritz bottle, stick a fun Monsters Be Gone label on, pop some water in - and there you have it. Put little minds at ease and make 100% sure your home is monster free!

Keeping track of what your kids are up to from one day to the next can get a bit ‘aaaagrh!’, right? Keep yourself (and your kids) organised by hanging bulletin boards for each of them in your hallway or kitchen - or wherever makes sense for you. Dedicate space to appointments, school trips, play dates, birthday parties, gym kit day, chores etc.. Have the kids decorate their boards with you! 

Brown apple slices aren’t very appetising, are they? To avoid discoloured snacks in your kids’ lunch boxes, ‘reconstruct’ the apple after you’ve chopped it and bind the slices together with elastic bands. A nifty trick!

We’d love to see how you put these ideas to good use in your home. Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We’ll be right back with another set of tips - so stay tuned. 

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