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For the next five minutes, lose yourself in fantasy real estate, fancy furniture and glorious design. Take a seat. Ready? 

Here are your Five Minutes of DOMESTIC BLISS.

This is Villa Mondrian. One of four ‘art house’ visualisations by Vasily Klyukin, Villa Mondrian is surely the stuff BleepBleeps’ domestic dreams are made of!

Sure, chaos can be fun. Haphazard family mess on the living room floor can be a sign of a great time had by all and a kitchen cupboard organised meticulously in colour order (cross-referenced by size, cross-referenced alphabetically) might not be everyone’s priority - but there’s no doubting that looking at some Things Organised Neatly is pretty satisfying! 

Sydney-based photographer and art director Peechaya Burroughs is influenced by childhood memories and the stuff that’s conjured up by kids’ uninhibited imaginations. Here, beauty and simplicity collide with domestic life - and never before has laundry seemed so appealing!

Dreamy ‘Tromploeil’ room divider by Ana Arana.

Objet Colore storage system by Dean Brown. (Can you feel your heart beating faster? Is that normal reaction to furniture?)

‘As If From Nowhere’ compact furniture system by Orla Reynolds. It’s like Orla crept into our chair dreams (?) and made them all come true.

Where domesticity meets art + design. We cannot get enough of Takashi Suzuki’s ‘BAU’ photo series. Pass the sponge. We’ve important sculptures to make!

We hope you've enjoyed your five minutes of domestic bliss. Join us again next week for five more minutes of the good stuff! 



Creative Boom

Peechaya Burroughs

Things Organised Neatly

Design Boom

Vasily Klyukin

Ana Arana

Dean Brown

Orla Reynolds

Takashi Suzuki 


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