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With a hundred and one things to tend to at any give time, something’s guaranteed to get in the way of your daily walk in the park, that weekly gallery visit you’d promised yourself - or whatever it is that soothes your soul. Carving out big blocks of time for yourself every week is difficult - but five measly minutes? Much more achievable!

Grab a cup of tea, sit down and, for five eye-popping, joyous minutes, enjoy your own company - uninterrupted.

This week we bring you five minutes of COLOUR.

Anna Kovecses is an illustrator and graphic designer from Hungary. Her work has appeared in the likes of Creative Review, Monocle and The New York Times. Her trademark style of minimalist shapes combined with warm, bright colours is a delight. A delight!

If we asked you, ‘What’s the first thing you think of when you think about Istanbul?’, your first answer probably wouldn’t be, ‘Why, the brightly coloured, minimalist architecture of course!’ And that’s exactly why architect and photographer Yener Torun embarked upon his architectural ‘treasure hunt’ - to seek out, document and share this rarely seen, different side to Istanbul.

In an interview with Dezeen Magazine, Yener says, ‘Bold use of colour in architecture fascinates me. It has a really positive impact on me’.

Us too, Yener! Us too.

For his latest exhibition, Abstract Browsing, New York based visual artist Rafael Rozendaal created a series of tapestries based on bare bones website structures. He likened each stitch to an on-screen pixel. When art meets technology like this, the colourful results are mesmerising!

We hope your day has been sufficiently brightened! See you next week for another 5 Minutes of… something good.


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Raphael Rozendaal

Yener Torun