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Every week we bring you a quick roundup of things we’ve seen on the internet that we liked and think you might like too - just to keep you in the loop! While we can’t rule out a complete absence of fluffy rabbits and cat videos, you’re much more likely to find us talking to you about cool design and tech stuff. Like this…

If this is the future of multi-tasking, you can count us in. Product Design students at The Low Tech Factory, a project by Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland, set out to invent simple machines that combine both a physical user experience with the production of a physical item. Designers Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex invented the Rocking Knit.

This beautifully designed wooden structure isn’t just a rocking chair - it’s also a knitting machine. Yes, as you take a little break to rock yourself into a state of calm and read the paper - the Rocking Knit will make you a hat! As long as you rock*, it will knit.

*You totally rock.

And from rocking chairs, to rocking horses!

Japanese design studio, Nendo, have produced this - the H Rocking Horse. It’s named after the ‘H’ beam used in building and construction that inspires its structure. The rocking horse is, remarkably, made from just three pieces of transparent plastic! Nendo have successfully combined a sleek, minimal aesthetic with function and strength. Would your kids want to hang out and play with ‘H’?

Instagram is much brighter now artist and placemaker, Morag Myerscough has an account! This week she’s been sharing behind the scenes snaps from her studio as she creates her latest colourful structures.

And here’s a nice thing. Le Cinema Club is a new film theatre - based on the internet!

The theatre screens one film each week, for free. The club champions independent cinema, presents rarities and showcases the work of new filmmakers. You’ll find a new film online every Sunday.


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Morag Myerscough

Le Cinema Club