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Who is Sammy Screamer?

While we’re busy beavering away to make three new devices to join the BleepBleeps family, we thought we’d give you a little introduction to our friend Sammy Screamer.

Sammy is a cute little movement sensor who’s controlled by your smartphone. She keeps an eye on your stuff. Sammy has a little hanging loop and a magnetised back so you can stick her on the things you want to keep track of - like a door, a bag, a buggy or your fridge.

The BleepBleeps app lets you activate Sammy and set her sensitivity and volume. You’re in control of how loud you want her to scream and how sensitive to movement she is! Then, if your stuff gets moved, Sammy screams and sends a notification right to your phone. Nifty, right?

Here are some of the things Sammy can look after for you.

Nifty, right?