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Top Picks from CES 2014

Last week BleepBleeps founder Tom Evans attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where over 20000 new products were showcased to over 152000 attendees.

Samsung showed off their new bendable TV, BMW a self driving car and Polaroid a camera with built in social networking, but it’s not just the big names who impressed. We’re hugely excited at the prospects for Sphero the programmable robot ball. Party games, augmented reality, learning to program and much more. Sphero 2B looks to be even more fun.

The Parrot MiniDrone is a super light, small flying machine which can fly at high speeds and perform in air acrobatics controlled by a smart phone or tablet connected via bluetooth.

For the more artistic of you, the 3Doodler is going to be a must have item. Check out this video, we’re sure you’ll be very impressed.

If you’re fed up of using huge speakers Clio might just be perfect for you. It’s an almost invisible, wireless speaker which produces clear rich sound from wherever it’s placed.

Trax is sure to be a useful item for parents everywhere. It’s a GPS tracker for your children or even pets with an amazing accuracy of 1.5 - 3 metres. You can even create safe zones and Trax will alert you if it leaves them.

For those wanting to keep track of their activity levels Misfit Shine is definitely one to check out. You can wear it on your arm, round your neck, when swimming, running, sleeping and then track your stats and set goals via the app.

Ibitz even have an activity tracker for kids. Parents can set goals and kids get access to an online character powered by their activity level, as well as earning coins and gaining access to exclusive content in Disney’s Club Penguin. The grown up version can track activity, distance and calories burned for the whole family.

Another child friendly innovation is Teddy the Guardian. Teddy looks like a normal plush teddy bear but when held close to a child can record heart rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature, the data is then sent to an app. Teddy is perfect for children who get nervous around doctors or who need to be monitored for longer periods of time.

We’ve already been admiring the weather station and thermostat from Netatmo, and are sure their latest innovation, June, will be just as successful. June is a bracelet you wear on your wrist which records sun intensity and total daily exposure. It’ll tell you when you need to wear a hat, sunglasses or apply SPF, all tailored to your skin type.

Here at BleepBleeps we’re hugely excited about all these products. Which is your favourite?

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