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5 Toys with Great Apps

The number of toys utilising apps, seems to be growing by the day, established toys like Furby and Moshi Monsters now have associated apps and there’s a whole new generation of app based toys hitting the market all the time.

Here are some of our favourites.

Toy Mail

Toy Mail is a really cool new product that acts as a messenger for kids. Friends, parents or grandparents can record a message on the Toy Mail app ( using a funny voice if they choose ) and send it to the toy, which then speaks the message to the child. The child can even reply. We love this idea, what a great way to stay connected with friends and family.

Tiggly Shapes

Tiggly Shapes are rubber shapes used for play and learning with the associated app. Aimed at children between 18months and 4 years old, the apps help develop spatial awareness, reasoning and language skills.

What a great educational toy and app idea for little ones.

Furby Boom

The new Furby Boom is a stand alone toy, but you can also buy an associated app which lets you feed your Furby a huge variety of food, and translates his Furbish for you.

Furby £59.99 app FREE

Moshi Monsters App Monster

These cute little guys come to life with the addition of an iPhone or iPod touch.
Your phone becomes the monsters face and lets you interact, play and talk to your monster.

£12.99 each

Mattel Hot Wheels Apptivity

Race cars across your tablet, get vehicle upgrades and explore 9 great challenges with Hot Wheels Apptivity. Or, if cars aren’t your thing, how about Batman, or even Cut the Rope.

What are your favourite toys with apps? Do you prefer apps to have an educational slant, or is just being fun more important?