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Parenting brings with it all kinds of decisions big and little that need to be made. Our guest parent blogger Emma, tells us all about one of her parenting dilemmas.
My husband and I are often at extreme ends of the parenting scale, which in some ways is good as we ( mostly ) meet in the middle.

One of our earliest parenting ‘discussions’ was whether to buy a thermometer or not. I wanted the most expensive, snazziest one available. My husband insisted that we would 'just know’ if our little baby was too hot. I ignored him and bought a cheapish forehead strip thermometer, it wasn’t very good and lay abandoned in a draw shortly after purchasing. A bit later I bought an underarm one which also wasn’t very good. Finally I relented and bought a fancy digital thermometer, which did at least seem to register a sensible temperature.

We were lucky and for years never encountered a dangerously high temperature, there were lots of little bugs and sniffles so my thermometer was well used and I have to admit always reassuring, after all how do you know what a very high temperature feels like if you’ve never experienced it.

When baby number 3 was 6 months old, she caught tonsillitis. We didn’t know that’s what it was till we’d been to hospital, because she was hot, very hot, it was like holding a little heater. That was the first time I realised my husband was right, you do know when your child is dangerously hot, but you know what, I’d always have a thermometer anyway, just for reassurance.

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