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Have you ever been to a restaurant, left your pushchair outside, then spent most of your meal constantly checking it was still there?

Or, been in a bar, hung your bag over a chair and then worried about someone taking it?

Sammy Screamer from BleepBleeps can help!

Sammy is a movement sensor that connects to the BleepBleeps app. Place Sammy on an item that you want to monitor - like a door, a bag or a kid’s buggy. You’ll get a notification on your phone if the item moves - i.e. the door opens, the bag gets tampered with or the buggy gets moved. Use the BleepBleeps app to set Sammy’s sensitivity and choose how loud you want her to scream!

  • Movement sensor with audible alarm
  • Magnetised - sticks to your stuff
  • Loop fixing - hangs on your stuff
  • Sends an instant alert to your smartphone
  • Bluetooth LE - 30 meter range
  • Adjustable settings on the BleepBleeps app

We asked some parent bloggers where they would use Sammy Screamer.

@ActuallyMummy would put Sammy on her chocolate stash.

@MummyNevaSleeps would put Sammy on her phone to stop her little Bean swapping apps around and taking photos of his feet.

@KiddyCharts would put Sammy on the last biscuit in the tin

@domesticgoddesq would like a sensor on the TV remote so she knows when the children are putting the TV on and when Hubby is changing channels!

@redtedart wants one on the bin to stop the kids throwing things away.

I have the opposite problem to @RedTedArt, my little girl would probably put Sammy on her junk model creations to STOP me throwing them away.

Finally @Jessies_Kitchen would use Sammy to keep her husband on his toes.

I would put it on the iron so I can say to the husband ‘I don’t hear Sammy screaming yet’ when he is getting behind with his chores!

Where would you put Sammy Screamer?